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rock drill machines drilling rocks

Get your rock drill spare parts in high quaility

Professional machining

Up to 10,000 Parts

Techincal Service for your rock driller machines

World wide shipping

High quality rock drill spare parts

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We Keep Top Notch Materials


What We Offer

Akif Makine was established at 2005 in Izmit Industrial Estate, through 20 years of experience in the machining industry. We are offering high quailty jobs with that experience.


Why Choose Akif Makina

High Quality CNC machining

We are using high quality CNC machineries which is leading brands in the sector.

Technical Service

If you wish , we are able to offer techincal service for your rock drill machine.

Durable, High Quality Materials

We are always using highest quality materials for your spare parts.

More than 1.000 parts

As you wish you can order in bulk. We are able to meet your orders.

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